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A recurrent theme and starting point in Jason Gibilaro's recent work, has been memories both recent and not so recent that have left a visual impact. This usually represents imagery around a passing moment in a particular place and time. Some of the work has included the use of iconic imagery as in the New York series.  


Other work follows a social documentary scene with a snapshot of people in a particular place and moment in time, frequently at social events and gatherings.

Another body of work, resulted in a solo exhibition, Aftermath, in L'Aquila, Italy in 2016. The theme was centred around the aftermath following the 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila.


Jason Gibilaro has a background in Public Art and projects with community engagement. Recent projects have been with the arts organisation Inclusion Arts.

Jason Gibilaro working with Vitreous Enamel
Jason Gibilaro Vitreous Enamel Panel layout
Jason Gibilaro spray booth production
Jason Gibilaro studio



Jason Gibilaro has a remarkable way of portraying London life with a vibrant and canny palette, sometimes depicting people as they queue for that unmissable place to be seen, sometimes highlighting an overlooked part of town flourishing with colour.

Adrian Flower -Studio 73, 2020

Jason Gibilaro in studio with detail of "Party like its 2007" Fraro the Icelandic Riot series

Solo exhibitions include:

Aftermath, L'Aquila, Italy 2016; Meltdown, Royal Commonwealth Club 2010: Iceland, Subway Gallery, London 2010: New York, Royal Over-Seas League, Edinburgh/London, 2008/9: The True King of England, The Golden Heart, London, 2007: Royal Commonwealth Club, London, 2004: Peterborough Museum, Peterborough, 1998:


Group exhibitions include:


Art Car Boot Fair, Coronation online 2023; Art on a Postcard, Winter Auction, Bomb Factory Covent Garden, London 2022; Electric Art Car Boot Fair -  Lewes Cubitt Square, Kings Cross London 2022; Art Car Boot Fair - Queen & Country online 2021; Art a Postcard Winter Auction, Soho Revue, London 2021; Figurative Art Now, Federation of British Artists, Online 2021; Art Car Boot Fair, Flora & Fauna, Online 2021; Art on a Postcard Winter Action, Online 2020; Art Show Off, Studio 73, London 2020; Art on a Postcard Secret Auction, WeWork, London 2019; Fit The Slit Part III, Lido, Alberoni Beach, Venice 2019; Miniscule Venice Biennale, Venice  2019; Miniscule Part 2, Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, Cumbria 2019; Art on a Postcard Secret Auction, WeWork, London 2018; Protocol,  Q-Park Art, Cavendish Square, London 2018; Art Car Boot Fair Kings Cross, London 2018; Embracing the Underdog Exhibition , Q Car Park China Town, London 2018; Crash, Q-Park Car Park, Cavendish Square, London 2017; Art Car Boot Fair Folkestone, Folkestone 2017; Art Car Boot Fair Vauxhall, London 2017; Electric Blue exhibition, Studio 73, London 2017; Antennae, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London 2017; ING Discerning Eye exhibition, Mall Gallery, London 2016; Festival of the unseen, Hundred Years Gallery, London 2016; Our Road Exhibition, Loughborough Hotel Gallery, London 2015; Neiland's Choice exhibition GX Gallery, London 2015; Liggers and Dreamers, The Stash Gallery, London 2015; Fit The Slit, Lido, Alberoni Beach, Venice 2015; Chemcraft, Espacio Gallery,  Curated by C.M Projects, London 2015; BYEBYE BEDROOM presents ‘TAX MY LAST BREATH, London 2014: Hackney Wicked - Fate for the Wicked, London 2013: Radar 100: Space Rage, The Residence Gallery 2012: Print Odyssey, Stew Gallery, Norwich 2012: Luxury Goods - The Reality of Art, The Courtyard Theatre, London 2012: The Beginning, Southwark Studios, London 2012: Yet Another Tea Party Vernissage, Neant Bleu, Berlin 2011: Tea Party @ Painting Salon, Top Floor Gallery, London 2011: Make Grow Sell, Brixton Market, London 2011: Bivouac, Lauderdale House, London 2011: Artist Flee Market, Hackney Wicked Festival, London 2011: Union Jack, Bardens Boudoir, London 2011: We live in Public – Bath Fringe Festival, Bath 2011: Postcards for Sick Kids 2010, Lyon & Turnball, Edinburgh 2010: Art Pops, Residence Gallery, London 2010: Total Transparency, NO:ID Gallery, London 2010: Pikea Art Exhibition, Freedom Bookshop, London 2010: Quadratshow Künstler aus London, Druck Dealer, Hamburg 2010: Miniscule, Oblong Gallery, London 2010: NO:ID Festival, The Others, London 2010: Rapid Pop Up NO:ID Gallery, London 2010: Art Bin, South London Gallery, London 2010: Equinox, Foundry Gallery, London 2010: "Square Up The Year" NO:ID Gallery, London, 2009: Artist Flea Market - Tate Modern, London, 2009: What Happens after the Ball, Decima Gallery St James, London, 2009: Britain's Rubbish, Decima Gallery, Berlin, 2009: Botoxed 69 Big Deal, London, 2009: Exhibition Marquee Lambeth Country Show, London 2009: Decima Traveling Shop, Ghetto Gallery, Split, Croatia, 2009: The Guy Hilton Gallery Presents Police and Violence at the Sassoon Gallery, London, 2009: Korpúlfsstaðir‏, Reykjavik Iceland, 2009: The Famous, the infamous and the Really Quite Good, Decima Gallery, London, 2008: Something about painting, 91 Eastway Hackney Wick, London 2008: Put your flag where your mouth is, Mezkalito Gallery, London, 2008: Affordable Art Fair, John Bloxham Gallery, London 2008: Climate of Change, London, 2007: Spectre vs.Rector, The Residence London, 2007: The last puff, The Golden Heart, London, 2007: Dionysian Duty, Mezkalito Gallery, London 2007: Art for Aid, Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam 2007: Art for Life, Christie's London, 2007: "I love Charlie," Brick Lane Gallery, London, 2007: London Biennale, In Arcadia, London 2006: Corner House Gallery, Manchester, 2006: Art for Life, Christie's, London, 2004: Gallery Voltaire, London, 2000: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 2000: Royal Academy Summer Show, London, 1999 and 2000:


Public Art

Jason Gibilaro has been delivering Public Art Projects for over 20 years. Recent projects since 2015 have been through Inclusion Arts as Creative Facilitator and Project Manager. Projects have included: Creativity in Dental Health 2020. Funded by Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) Community award; Creativity in Community Sharing 2019/20. Funded by the Battersea Power Station Foundation Spring Fund; Creativity in Community Sharing 2018/19.   Funded by the Lambeth Community Fund; Creativity in Wellbeing 2016/17. Funded by the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund;
Creativity in Wellbeing 2015/16. Funded by Big Lottery – Awards for All and the Vassall and Coldharbour Wellbeing Fund; Projects prior  Inclusion Arts Include The Art and Wellbeing Project - Building Communities in Coldharbour 2012/14. Funded by the London Community Foundation; GKS Public Art Project 2005, Funded by Metropolitan Social Investment Fund and Awards for All; BOURGUEST Railway Bridge 2004. Funded by Brixton Town Centre; Fern Lodge Public Art Project 2002. Funded by Arts Council of England Lottery Project; Westbury Estate Public Art Project 1998. Funded by Arts Council of England Lottery Project:


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